Georgetown Will Have its Pizza and Bake it, Too



A round face of thin, puffy dough is Eric Fosse’s canvas, and fresh, all natural pizza is his craft.

Fosse, founder of HomeMade Pizza Co. started the business with his brother-in-law and wife in Chicago over a decade ago. Almost 13 years later he has opened his sixth store in the District, bringing fresh and inspiring pizzas to the ovens of Georgetown homes.

The pizza shop offers take-and-bake pies, giving customers a dinner to enjoy around the kitchen table. Walking into the store, the smell of fresh basil and other spices immediately induces salivating.

Each customer is greeted with shouts from the kitchen. Three large black banners hang from the wall showcasing the five steps of ‘how-to homemade.’ Lists of Homemade Favorites and Simple Classics showcase the range of predesigned pies. For those more interested in creating their own pizza, HomeMade Pizza has a list of some 41 ingredients, for the pickiest to the most adventurous of pizza toppers.

Pizzas come in “Cutie Pie” 9 inch pies, 12 inch, or 14 inch sizes. And each has the option of regular or wholegrain wheat crust. All pizzas are thin crust from hand-tossed dough and, along with everything else in the shop, made from scratch. “We offer a unique dinner opportunity,” Fosse said.

And the Georgetown neighborhood already seems to agree. HomeMade Pizza served up 2,000 slices to pedestrians who passed by the new shop at 1826 Wisconsin Ave during their opening celebration, February 22 – 24. Over 500 pizzas were taken home in the first three days of business alone.

HomeMade Pizza has kept close ties to its Chicago home, while branching out to Minnesota, New York and Washington. According to Fossee, the DC locations are doing phenomenally well, and he is excited to see the Georgetown store take off.

With over 30 stores, Fosse is proud that all his original pizzas still appear on the menu, and his cheese pizza, voted number one thin crust in Chicago, still tops the charts as his best seller.

“If you can’t make a great cheese pizza, you can’t make anything else great,” he says.

Sausage and caramelized onions are Fosse’s choice toppings, but he also boasts a number of vegetarian options, he explains while referencing the fresh produce section of the topping list.

Produce is in-season and locally sourced, giving HomeMade Pizza a number of specialty salads to feature on the menu. And Fosse doesn’t forget his vegan customers, either. Although the ingredient list includes seven different cheeses, the shop also creates cheese free pizzas.

HomeMade family sized cookies are available to take-and-bake, and pint sized all natural ice cream is also a part of the dessert menu.

HomeMade Pizza Co. is open daily from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Georgetown. Pizzas can be ordered online, by calling ahead, or simply stopping in and seeing the friendly staff.

Visit for more information on the menu, locations, or tonight’s dinner.

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