American-Russian Cultural Foundation Cooperation Council’s Giants of Science Gala

Mrs. Sergey Kislyak, wife of the Ambassador of the Russian Federation; Luba Taubvurtzel | Mary Bird

Ambassador of the Russian Federation and Mrs. Sergey Kislyak hosted the American-Russian Cultural Foundation (ARCCF) for a special evening on Oct. 12 at the Giants of Science Gala celebrating Benjamin Franklin and Mikhail Lomonosov, who initiated scientific exchange between the two countries. The black tie event was highlighted by a performance “Eavesdropping on “Mike and Ben’” performed by no less than Justice Antonin Scalia and ARCCF Board Chair James Symington. Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution Dr. G. Wayne Clough received the annual Foundation Award. Since 1992 ARCCF has promoted American-Russian relations through education, art and cultural exchanges.

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