Happy Thanksgiving from The Georgetowner! November 23, 2011

The Heritage Turkey at Dean & Deluca. | deanandeluca.com

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our online readers! Thank you for helping us to be a greener, more interactive, and more effective news source.

In celebration of the season we have some last-minute turkey tips for you. The most convenient places in Georgetown to pick up your dinner?s centerpiece are: Dean & Deluca, for a gourmet choice; Whole Foods, with several organic selections; and Safeway, which brings you a bargain bird.

**Dean & Deluca** offers up its Heritage Turkey from the Good Shepherd Turkey Ranch, where breeds that are free-range, vegetarian and antibiotic free are raised. The turkeys are sold frozen at $11 per pound and range from eight to 25 pounds.

**Whole Foods** carries several varieties of turkeys, including organic ($3.99 per pound), kosher ($3.49 per pound), free range ($2.49 per pound), Heirloom ($3.49 per pound) and brined ($2.79 per pound). Size varies.

For store members, **Safeway** is selling eight to 25 pound turkeys at 58 cents per pound with an additional $25 purchase. Go to [WeeklySpecials.Safeway.com](http://www.safeway.com/IFL/Grocery/Weekly-Specials?cmpid=kw_corp_swy_sav_wsp_1101) for more information and for more savings.

And don?t forget to read our latest [Across the Cutting Board](http://www.georgetowner.com/articles/2011/nov/16/across-cutting-board/) column with Chef Ris Lacoste for inspiration on what to do with all the leftovers!

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