Business Ins & OutsMarch 22, 2012

Martin's Tavern | Courtesy of Martin's Tavern

**Martin’s Tavern to Be Closed. . . Temporarily** Don’t freak out; it’s just temporary. One of Georgetown’s most famous restaurants and its oldest tavern plans to close Sunday, March 25, at 5 p.m. for five days. Billy Martin’s Tavern, serving D.C. since 1933 at Wisconsin Avenue and N Street, will be closed for kitchen renovations until 5 p.m., Thursday, March 29.

**Crepe Amour Is Closing for Good** Co-owner Sri Suku confirms that the popular eatery at 3291 M Street will close Saturday, March 31. The rent on the property has “more than doubled,” Suku told his customers in a farewell letter, “making it difficult for us to survive as a business at a location where we have been tenants for the past 15 years.”

Suku comes from a family which has owned and operated businesses in Georgetown over the last 25 years.

“As difficult as the current circumstances are,” Suku continued, “our story is far from over. We are scouting new locations in Georgetown along with a possible downtown sister location.” Crepe Amour will also relocate to the Vienna/Tysons Corner area as well as launch a food truck, Crepe Love, in April (Find the truck’s position on Twitter @crepelovetruck).

**Jonathan Adler Furniture is slated to open March 22** at 1267 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., where GapKids used to be.

**Hairstylist Milko has returned to Georgetown**. In California for years, Milko (Todorovic) is now at Roche Salon at Washington Harbour on K Street.

**Crave is a new sandwich and salad eatery on Potomac Street**, where GoFresh used to be. It is run by Garrett Bauman, also of Annie Creamcheese vintage clothing. (It sells cane sugar Coca-Cola.)

**It’s like ZipCar for parking spaces:** Private parking spaces available and shown online. Parking Panda matches driveways and other private spaces with drivers who really need to park it. Register at

**Dandelion Patch has moved to Book Hill** at 1663 Wisconsin Ave., N.W., (former spot of the Magic Wardrobe), but the Magic Wardrobe is still there, just next door at 1661 Wisconsin Ave., N.W.

**Carr Workplaces**, a provider of alternative workplace solutions, has opened its latest business center in the heart of Georgetown at 1050 30th St., N.W. It is the first to offer shared common workspaces alongside conventional private office space. The Georgetown center was designed for collaboration, with a large open co-working room filled with co-joined desks complete with phones and wireless internet access ? useful for independent professionals who need ultimate flexibility. This is the ninth new executive offices facility Carr Workplaces opened in the past year. For additional information, visit

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