NPS Looks at Boathouse Possibilities Across the Potomac for Arlington


As with the northern banks of the Potomac, Arlington County could also be getting a boathouse in the years ahead—not a new idea—on the southern banks of the Potomac. Here’s a missive from the National Park Service’s Jon James, acting superintendent of George Washington Memorial Parkway:

“I am now pleased to announce the re-initiation of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Arlington County and Vicinity Non-Motorized Boathouse Facility. The goal of the EIS is to study the sites identified in the 2002 feasibility study and determine a preferred alternative that is consistent with National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) guidelines, and the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) as well as NPS policies and mandates.

“This analysis was initiated specifically at the request of Congress to assess potential siting, or location, of a boathouse facility for non-motorized boats within Arlington County along the Potomac River on parkland administered by George Washington Memorial Parkway. The study examined building a facility, which included indoor storage space and floating docks at four possible locations—two on the waterfront near Key Bridge, one south of the CSX/14th Street Potomac River Bridges, and one on Daingerfield Island, south of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

“At this time, I invite your participation in the EIS effort. The scoping period will end on August 31. A public open house will be held on July 24. The purpose of this meeting is to provide you with an opportunity to contribute ideas and concerns about the proposed boathouse for non-motorized boats. At the open house, NPS staff will be on hand to answer questions and solicit written comments from all interested parties. Interested parties may also submit written comments online… When the draft EIS for Arlington County and Vicinity Non-Motorized Boathouse Facility is produced, you will be invited to review and comment on it.”

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