The Joy of Major League Baseball in D.C.



As I write this article, the Washington Nationals have the best record in Major League Baseball. It has been widely reported that you have to look back to 1945 to find the last time our team was 20 games above .500. We are clearly in uncharted territory.

Before baseball came to Washington in 2005, it was a real challenge to get the District government to embrace the team. I want to acknowledge the seven members of the District Council who consistently voted in support of baseball: Linda Cropp, Vincent Orange, Sharon Ambrose, Kevin Chavous, Harold Brazil, Sandy Allen and myself. Without them, and without the leadership of Mayor Anthony Williams, we would not have a team here today.

Not only is the team performing well, but the area around the ballpark is now beginning to develop rapidly. I cannot begin to tell you the number of articles I read about the failure of this concept. With a little patience, I knew this investment would pay off.

We are yet again having record-setting temperatures this summer. The best thing you can do in this kind of heat and humidity is to take it easy and have a cool, frosty drink nearby – the ballpark is a great place to do that!

With the arrival of the summer comes the council’s summer legislative recess. Just because we do not “officially” meet does not mean that business comes to a standstill, however. In addition to using the opportunity to draft legislation in advance of the fall, my office spends much of its time providing constituent services – our constituents’ requests don’t take a vacation. All summer long, my staff and I answer calls, letters, and e-mails on issues relating to trash, potholes, permits, taxes and so many other services, advocating for our constituents before city agencies as needed.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. But just when we hit a great stride, it will be September, and work and school will return to everyone’s minds. Though without jinxing anything, perhaps we will also be gearing up to host some Major League Baseball playoff games?

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