Tip to Police Led to Arrests on the Street


An anonymous telephone tip to the Metropolitan Police Department led to four arrests on Sept. 17, said Lt. John Hedgecock in his police report to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC2E) Oct. 1 meeting. First reported as a car-jacking, the police chase resulted in a car crash at Wisconsin Avenue and Q Street, NW with four suspects fleeing but soon captured. The call alerted MPD to a slow-moving car near the 3900 block of W Street, NW. When police drove near the car in question it drove off erratically with the resulting crash down Wisconsin Avenue. In the suspects’ car, there was evidence of property from a burglary. Hedgecock reminded all that it was the tip that made the difference. The police would not have known. He added: “If you see something, say something.”

Hedgecock also reported a 37-percent decrease in violent crime in the area over the same period (Jan. 1 to Sept. 30) from last year. During that same 2012 time frame, only three robberies involved firearms, he said.


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