Cash In On Cupcakes at Sprinkles ATM


Can’t shake the cupcake craving? Sprinkles Cupcakes has you covered. There are murmurs around the cobbled streets of Georgetown that the cupcake connoisseurs are planning to open a cupcake ATM. Yes… you heard correctly. A cupcake ATM. And they’re planning to do it as soon as next month!

With the battle of FroYo versus Cupcakes as the trendier anytime snack, Sprinkles ATM might just be the deciding factor. First premiering at their Beverly Hills location, the Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM is impossible to miss due to its multicolored paint job.

And with the success of the west coast venture come plans to expand. Sprinkles ATM might just give the famed residential cupcake shop, Georgetown Cupcake, a run for their money. Dieters beware of the blue, green, pink, and magenta hues of the Sprinkles ATM—they’re sure to summon you for a delicious dessert.

The 24-hour ATM is continuously restocked with fresh cupcakes ranging in flavors from red velvet to peanut butter chocolate. They even stock cupcake dog treats for your dog!

At $4 each, Sprinkles Cupcakes won’t break the bank and are sure to satisfy. Be on the lookout for the multicolored cupcake sensation this August in Georgetown at 3015 M St. NW.

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