Black & White & Chic All Over

Look 1 | Yvonne Taylor

Classic black and white looks are revamped with bold silhouettes and textural fabrics like lace, leather and sequins.

Yvonne Taylor Photographer

John Paul Hamilton Producer

Anchyi Wei Stylist

Linh Phan, Hair by Be Scene Hair Studio

Carl Ray Make-Up Artist

On Model
Look 1
Blouse, collar and belt Anne Fontaine
Crystal and white sapphire ring, $790 Kara Ross at Tiny Jewel Box

Look 2
Beaded collar, jacket and belt Anne Fontaine

Look 3
Lace blouse and zipped collar Anne Fontaine
Sequin skirt Alice & Olivia
White quartz and diamond ring, $1,450 David Yurman from Tiny Jewel Box
Sterling silver and ceramic necklace, $1,500 DavidYurman from Tiny Jewel Box
Laurenza black and white sapphire bracelets, $1,350 and $950 M.C.L by Matthew Campbell at
Tiny Jewel Box

Look 4
beaded collar and vest Anne Fontaine
Dress worn as a skirt Vincent Licari
Mother-of-pearl and black sapphire necklace worn as a bracelet, $4420 Kara RossTiny Jewel Box

Look 5
Jacket, skirt, and belt used as brooch Anne Fontaine
Black and white sapphire cuffs, $1250, and bracelets, $1350 and $950 M.C.L by Matthew Campbell Laurenza at Tiny Jewel Box
Hematite and diamond ring, $1600 David Yurman at Tiny Jewel Box

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