‘House of Cards’: Familiar D.C. Backdrops, New Way to Pay and View

Washington D.C. has long provided great location backdrops for films and TV series, whether it be “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” “National Treasure” or “West Wing.”

The latest series located in D.C. to watch is the new Netflix original series, “House of Cards,” which premieres Friday, Feb. 1, exclusively on the online streaming service. It may be familiar ground but the way viewers see the series is innovative.

Netflix is releasing all 13 episodes of the first season at one time so that viewers can watch them at their own leisure. The success of the House of Cards could change the how people watch television.

The remake of the BBC miniseries follows House Majority Whip Francis Underwood, played by Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey, on his quest for revenge against the newly inaugurated president after being passed over for Secretary of State. The cast also includes Robin Wright as Spacey’s wife, along with Kate Mara and Corey Stoll. Behind the scenes, David Fincher (“Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”) and Beau Willimon (“Ides of March”) portray the darker side of Washington.

Filmed in Maryland, “House of Cards” reportedly cost Netflix $100 million to produce, and the company has already guaranteed 26 episodes of the gripping political thriller. The aim is to draw subscribers in with exclusive, original content they can’t view anywhere else as opposed to paying for more expensive premium cable channels.

As with many TV shows or films set in D.C. there was the obligatory social scene premiere with stars, local politicos and media — this time at the Newseum Jan. 29.

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