DC Lifts Evening Meter Limits


The D.C. Department of Transportation has relaxed its evening parking policy by lifting meter time limits in the evening, and will implement a new pilot program in July to explore ways to make parking easier.

Recent complaints concerning the policy of ticketing for meter violations until 10:30 p.m. caused this minor change, the Washington Business Journal reports. While enforcement will continue into the evening, the two-hour parking limit at meters has been lifted.

This means drivers who decide to park at a two-hour meter in Georgetown do not have to move their car after two hours. However, they will have to put more quarters into the meter in order to stay longer.

While people did not mind paying for parking in the evening, many did complain that the two-hour limit made it hard to enjoy certain activities, such as a movie or going to dinner at a restaurant.

Under the proposal, meters in high-demand areas will be reprogrammed so drivers can insert four hours worth of quarters when they first arrive.

The District is also working on new technology so drivers won’t have to carry quarters or continuously circle streets to find one of the city’s 17,000 metered spots, according to the Washington Examiner.

Several pilots, started by July 19, will include “pay-by-space” programs where drivers enter the space number when they pay and sensors on spaces that are able to tell if the spot is empty, allowing drivers to find available spots.

A pay-by-phone feature is also expected, which will include a smart phone application to 1,000 spots in Foggy Bottom, Georgetown and around the Nationals stadium.

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