Waters, Waters Everywhere

We’ve all seen the water bottles that count milligrams to help you consume the recommended daily 2-3 liters of water. The bottles are disguised in trendy colors with words like “quench” graphically displayed and sometimes can be found in your local drugstore, right next to bottles of the vitamins and nutrients we are also recommended to take. It’s hard to consume these routinely, and thus the nutrient-enhanced beverages were born.

Most of us are not strangers to nutrient-enhanced waters. I’m sure each of us has, or has a friend who has, grabbed a VitaminWater instead of a sugary soda during a lunch break. Just in case you are a bit unfamiliar with the world of enhanced drinks, or you are looking to expand your palate, here is a quick list of some choice beverages to taste test for yourself and potentially add to your routine.

Kevita Sparkling Probiotic Drinks: With over eight to choose from, there is bound to be one flavor of these bottled drinks that suits your taste buds. Many options contain coconut water, which has been popular for the past couple years and shows no signs of slowing down. It’s an acquired taste that isn’t necessarily for everyone, but the benefits include high potassium and low calories. Kevita’s drinks are all vegan, certified organic and contains four strains of live probiotics that help your immune and digestive systems. Probiotics are most common in dairy products, but Kevita is fully dairy-, lactose- and even glutenfree.

Recently, it added a daily cleanse option to their collection- a lemon cayenne simplified detox that has less sugar and a lower price tag than other cleanses. A fair warning: the sparkling factor of Kevita, while giving it a unique taste,
can be a bit powerful. Each bottle is under $3. Try the pomegranate black tea as your first step into the Kevita world.

Bluedelta: You know a water company is serious when they have a monthly membership club in the works. The 20-20 club with bluedelta will have cases delivered each month, along with perks like a free case after ever 10 bought and
training and exercise tips. Bluedelta water has an 8.6 pH level, meaning it has higher alkaline levels than your average spring water. These alkaline levels help flush out toxins, strengthen cell membranes and even help promote better circulation. Bluedelta water goes through an electrolysis filtration process to change the pH level and the molecule
structure, making the molecules smaller and easier for your body to absorb. A case of 20 bottles can be bought for $24.99 online.

Blk. Water: Black is the new clear in the world of water if you choose to enjoy this beverage. With marketing and packaging that
is just as unique as this water itself, blk. boasts zero calories, sugars, and carbs and also a pH level of above 8 to help
cleanse your body from toxins. The color comes from the organic fulvic trace minerals that are added to the pure water base. Don’t worry: blk. doesn’t have a thicker consistency and tastes like normal water. It’s not a miracle drink, but with all the celebrity endorsements, drinking it can make you feel a bit more special, and you’ll be happy that you’re helping your body a little bit more by drinking blk. instead of plain tap water. Find it at your grocery store for about $2.

Neuro: You’ve probably seen these in your local drug or grocery store and if you haven’t already tried it, you need to. Neuro has a cultlike fanbase full of celebrities and peers alike, but with great tasting drinks that clock in at 35 calories a serving, its no surprise. Products range from sleep to alert to bliss, but downing the yellow daily drink is a good place to start. Neuro
Daily has a tangerine-citrus flavor and packs vitamins D and C and is designed to enhance your immune system and support your health against daily stresses, sleep deprivation and eating habits. As it grows even more popular, it can
be found in even more stores, but just check your local CVS or social Safeway for a $2.50 bottle.

These are only four options in a growing world of choices (Fresh Market sells coconut water with chia seeds in it. Who would have thought?) Remember to be smart in all your diet choices. None of the above should be substituted instead of a meal. They are only meant to help and enhance your diet and lifestyle. Keep in mind they will not affect everyone the same, but
it’s summertime which is the best time to try new ways of healthy hydration. Bottoms up!


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