Cocktail of the Month: Parker’s Mark

Food trends are always changing. First the cupcake craze and now donuts. Most interesting lately?has been bacon. Bacon?infused vodka, bacon?sprinkled donuts, even?bacon flavored body?oils have hit the market. A-Town Bar and Grill, a popular brunch destination in Arlington, joins the trend, offering?a boozy, bacon-filled?cocktail, that’s now one of their?top sellers. Owner Scott?Parker and veteran bartender Gary Koh created?Parker’s Mark (named?after Scott) to quench the?ever popular thirst for?bacon. Start with apple?wood smoked bacon,?crumbled with a touch of?brown sugar. Then add 6?oz. of Maker’s Mark, a?touch of sweet vermouth,?Manhattan style, and then add brown sugar simple syrup for a rich, sweet flavor. Shake well and pour over bacon and brown sugar crumbles. For extra sweetness, rim glass with brown sugar. ?

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