Valentine’s Day Confidential

Valentine’s Day Q&A

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, we contacted a few of our favorite couples about their relationships, memories and plans for this year. We asked:

1. What are you two doing for Valentine’s Day?
2. What was your best romantic gesture or stunt?
3. What do you two love most about each other?
4. Where was your first date?

Here are their responses:

Geoff Tracy and Norah O’Donnell

= Duh, is that coming up again?! Quite un-romantically, I’ll be in D.C., watching the restaurants on Feb. 14, and Norah will be in NYC going to bed early to get ready for her 4 a.m. wake-up call to do “CBS This Morning.” I should probably send flowers, right?

= Back in the day when I was courting her (freshman year at Georgetown University) I would leave little love notes hidden in her dorm room that she would find throughout her week. Fortunately, she never filed a restraining order.

= I love and respect her hard work and success in her career and life. I also find her drop-dead gorgeous.

=The Dubliner in 1991. It was a group of eight of us. An older gent with a few missing teeth was flirting with Norah. She asked me to get her out of the situation. I said I would but she had to go along with whatever I did. She agreed. I then told the guy I was about to ask for her hand in marriage. He didn’t believe me. So, I got down on my knee in front of the whole restaurant and asked her to marry me. She had to say yes. People bought us drinks and congratulated us all night.

Robin and Jeff Jones

= Not sure yet …

= I sent him on a scavenger hunt throughout the house with puny valentines cards to find his gift. It was fun … he found it endearing, but I cannot remember what the gift was.

= Each other’s company!

= A lunch date (I was checking him out to see if he was nighttime date-worthy) at a local tavern in Frederick, Md., called Jennifer’s.

Kiki Ryan and Tim Burger, to be married in March

= Sadly, we are going to be apart. Ironically, I’m going to the most romantic city in the world – Paris – with some of my bridesmaids for my bachelorette party.

= He recently showed me he had saved the receipt of chocolate and wine that he bought for our first day.

= That as long as we’ve got each other, we can handle anything.

= He brought over red wine and dark chocolate over to my apartment, and we watched “No Country For Old Men.”

Richard and Charlotte Shields

= We will be having dinner at 1789 Restaurant … nothing better.

= Best romantic gesture: Husband hijacking my iPhone or computer and posting on my Facebook how much I love him. He doesn’t even need to hijack it … I proclaim it everyday.

= What we love the most about each other is our limitless desire to spend time with each other, our family and friends and how we both find joy in every moment spent together in anything.

= Our love and life is uniquely a Georgetown story: We met at Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart at Georgetown University where Richard was the wedding singer, and I (Charlotte) was the bridesmaid for my brother’s wedding. Our first kiss was in the courtyard in front of Dahlgren Chapel. First date? The Tombs. First time going to church together was at Holy Trinity where Richard was singing in 1974.

Erika Gutierrez and Rodrigo Garcia, to be married in March

= We enjoy spending quality time together at home. So, we will cook dinner together, watch movies at home and hang out with our miniature pinscher Ricky.

= On the weekend we got engaged, Rodrigo took me to Little Palm Island and proposed while we were on a walk after dinner. It was so romantic, so perfect. He planned everything out so beautifully. I will never forget it.

= The way we both support each other in our personal and professional lives. We are each other’s biggest fan.

= Rasika

Jack and Kay Kendall Davies

= We will be in London and going to one of our favorite restaurants.

= Best romantic gesture or stunt: When Jack proposed to Kay at the top of L’Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

= Kay has learned to love hockey, and Jack has learned to love dance.

= First date: A wonderful dinner at a not so wonderful restaurant, surrounded by noisy tourists with children.

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