Letter to the EditorOctober 9, 2013


I received a letter from Jack Evans earlier this week asking for contributions to his quixotic campaign for mayor. In his letter, Mr. Evans states that it is his ?intention to redevelop the Whitehurst Freeway so that the Waterfront and K Street can be as vibrant as M Street.? His choice of the words ?redevelop? and ?vibrant? caught my attention. It is obvious that his real interest is in tearing down the Whitehurst Freeway. Like Captain Ahab, Evans has made the demolition of the Whitehurst Freeway his own Moby Dick.
Much like the feigned shock expressed by Captain Renaud in Casablanca when he discovered that gambling was occurring in Rick?s Caf?, I was as equally shocked when a $500,000 study commissioned by Evans recommended the demolition of the Whitehurst Freeway despite strong opposition from local community groups. Evans himself admitted that ?no one knows what will happen to the traffic? were the Whitehurst to be removed.

It took more than 30 years to build the Georgetown Waterfront Park, which is one of this city?s jewels. Now Mr. Evans would like to ?redevelop? K Street so that the approximately 45,000 cars a day that use the Whitehurst Freeway will make K Street as congested, noisy, polluted, and ?vibrant? as M Street.

Great idea.

-Charles Pinck


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