Living In Pink: Michele Conley

Michele Conley speaks lovingly of her “phenomenal” friends, a couple who have adopted four young, in-need children. She gushes at their selflessness, their generosity. Conley’s admiration is cut short, however, because she’s made plans to prepare them dinner.

This thoughtful gesture is typical of Conley, a maternal angel and two-time breast cancer survivor that fills her days with giving and sharing. She is Washington, D.C.’s very own Wonder Woman, having perfected a trying balance as a daughter, mother, friend to many, exercise enthusiast and owner of a State Farm Insurance agency. In the past year, for instance, Conley has moved her youngest son into his freshman college dorm, roamed around France with her mother and completed numerous 10-mile and half marathon running races. She’s done all this, while maintaining her position as founder and leader of Living in Pink.

Conley founded Living in Pink in 2003, after seeing her mother battle breast cancer, and then personally fighting and overcoming the disease twice. Her independent, nonprofit organization supports research to further the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.
“We celebrate women that are living, surviving and thriving,” says Conley. This year’s big celebratory event will be the 10th Annual Living in Pink Luncheon & Boutique, scheduled for Nov. 1 at the Fairmont Washington Hotel.

Greta Kreuz, reporter and anchorwoman of ABC7/WJLA-TV, will be the introductory speaker, as she has been for almost every annual luncheon thus far. “She’s fabulous,” says Conley. “We asked her initially, and she’s volunteered to speak every year since.”

The luncheon will also feature the annual presentation of The Living in Pink Award and the Noel Soderberg-Evans Award. The Living in Pink Award recipient is generally, but not always, a physician who has done something special for women and breast cancer. This year’s recipient is Rachel Brem, M.D., Director of the Breast Imaging and Intervention Center at George Washington University’s School of Medicine and Health.

The Noel Soderberg-Evans Award, presented by the Jack Evans family, is given to someone carrying on Noel’s legacy as, what Conley calls, “such a wonderful person, fighting and staying positive for her loved ones.” The recipient of this award will not be announced until the luncheon’s award presentation.

Living in Pink’s Luncheon & Boutique continues to be a success, year after year. Conley passes on the praise to the 12 Living in Pink committee members. “There’s no way this could happen without them.”

She’s looking very forward to this year’s event and is immensely proud of the organization’s accomplishments. “The committee is amazing,” she says. “It’s fantastic that we’ve been able to keep almost all of the same committee members and keep this going year after year,” she continues. “The power of people working together: that’s what has made this what it is.”

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