Halloween in Georgetown: Traffic Restrictions in Effect

Georgetown is famous for its Halloween scene, going back to the 1970s, as visitors flood into town to walk around and show off their costumes and attitudes. These days, things are a little more under control (although there was a shooting two years ago) with pedestrian barricades to be set up around the go-to intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and M Street. For safety, expect those barricades to extend at least to 31st Street and Potomac Street and then toward the C&O Canal and Prospect Street. Earlier in the evening, children will walk around the residential streets with their parents or guardians to knock on doors to get candy and treats before the adults come out to play.

Another big issue for Halloween is the flow of vehicular traffic. Streets are open with restrictions.

See the “2013 Georgetown Halloween Detail Community Briefing,” immediately below.

From the Metropolitan Police Department:


On the night of Thursday, October 31, 2013, the annual Georgetown Halloween celebration will take place. It is anticipated that thousands of celebrants from the entire Metropolitan Area will converge upon Georgetown.

This plan will provide the residents and businesses of the Georgetown community with an update on the operational plan that will be utilized by the members of the Metropolitan Police Department, when responding to any incidents that may occur during the Halloween festivities.

The goal of this plan is the same as the mission of the Metropolitan Police Department: to safeguard the District of Columbia and protect its residents and visitors by providing the highest quality of police service with integrity, compassion, and a commitment to innovation that integrates people, technology and progressive business systems.


The enhanced detail of police personnel will provide additional police presence in the Georgetown community and surrounding Patrol Service Areas (PSAs) to address the expected increases in vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Additionally, the detail will assist in the abatement of order maintenance issues.

A large contingency of officers will be deployed on Thursday, October 31, 2013, to supplement patrols in Georgetown (PSA 206) and the immediate surrounding Patrol Service Areas.

The Metropolitan Police Department will be the primary agency responsible for maintaining order, preserving the peace and the protection of property. The key to the successful and professional culmination of this event is dependent on the police department and community working in a collaborative effort to ensure that the mission of this detail is accomplished. Disciplined response and de-escalation will be the key to quell any problems or potential disruption.

Detail Perimeters

The main area of the police detail covers 28th Street, NW (eastern boundary) to Key Bridge, NW (western boundary), K Street, NW (southern boundary), to P Street, NW (northern boundary).

Emergency No-Parking Restrictions

Emergency No-Parking restrictions will be posted at least 72-hours in advance and will be in effect for the following dates/times, and along the following routes.

Parking Restrictions

On Halloween, Thursday, October 31, 2013, beginning at 4 p.m., until 6 a.m., Friday, November 1, 2013, parking will be restricted on the following roadways.

Routes [with no parking allowed]

K St, NW, from 30th Street to Wisconsin Avenue, NW;

Water Street, NW, from 33rd Street to the mouth of the Capital Crescent Trail;

1000 to 1300 blocks of Wisconsin Ave., NW;

M Street, NW, from 25th Street to Key Bridge;

1100 block of 26th Street, NW;

Thomas Jefferson Street – 1000 block (From the canal north to M Street)

The following streets will be closed to through traffic. Only residents, visitors and employees of businesses within these areas will be granted access. Additional streets may be closed and/or opened at the direction of the Second District Commander or his designee. Citizens must present proof of work or residence to gain access to these streets. The restrictions will be in effect on Thursday, October 31, 2013, at 6:30 p.m., until Friday, November 1, 2013 at 4 a.m.

? 1000 block of Grace Street NW

? 1000 block of Thomas Jefferson Street NW

? 1000-1500 blocks of 29th Street NW

? 1000 -1500 blocks of 30th Street NW

? 1200-1300 blocks of Potomac Street NW

? 1200-1500 blocks of 27th Street NW

? 1200-1500 blocks of 28th Street NW

? 1200-1600 blocks of 33rd Street NW

? 1200-1700 blocks of 34th Street NW

? 1500 32nd Street NW

? 1600-1700 blocks of 35th Street NW

? 2600-3100 blocks of Dumbarton Street NW

? 2600-3100 blocks of P Street NW

? 2600-3600 blocks of O Street NW

? 2700-3600 blocks of N Street NW

? 2700 block of Poplar Lane NW

? 2700-2900 blocks of Olive Street NW

? 3100 Block of Blues Alley

? 3100 Block of Oak Alley NW

? 3100 Block of South Street NW

? 3200-3400 Q Street NW

? 3200 Block of Cecil Place NW

? 3200-3600 blocks of Prospect Street NW

? 3300-3400 blocks of Dent Place NW

? 3300 blocks of Cady’s Alley NW

? 900 Block 30th Street NW

Relocated/Impounded Vehicles

DPW Tow cranes will remove all illegally parked vehicles in the detail area. Particular attention will be given to the streets that have been posted with temporary “NO PARKING SIGNS.” All vehicles will be towed to the 3200 to 3600 blocks of Water Street, NW, where they can be retrieved by owners and operators. No Impoundment fees will be imposed on any vehicle towed.


Traffic conditions associated with the upcoming Halloween Celebration on Thursday, October 31, 2013, will require an intensive enforcement effort on the part of the Metropolitan Police Department and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT).

Traffic posts will be established on October 31, 2013, primarily to support traffic flow in and around the established MPD Halloween Detail Perimeters. Members will perform traffic control functions with a goal of preventing intersections from becoming grid locked, and most importantly, the protection of pedestrians. Additionally, DDOT Traffic Control Officers (TCOs) will assist with the main pedestrian crossings and traffic congestion points.

You have been warned.

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