JFK Remembrance: Clint Hill, ‘Five Days in November’ at Cafe Milano

A cavalcade of remembrances marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy came full circle to Georgetown Nov. 24, as Franco Nuschese and Café Milano hosted a private champagne brunch attended by the nation’s media. They were there to salute the publication of “Five Days in November,” a memoir by bestselling authors Clint Hill and Lisa McCubbin. Hill is the Secret Service agent who jumped on the presidential limousine in Dallas and remained with Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy and her children throughout the ordeal and one year after the tragedy. He chronicled the events as guests at the brunch viewed projections of the iconic photographs that appear in the book. A preliminary sketch and one of the 23 finished Kennedy paintings by Elaine de Kooning were on display.

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