Modern Wings

With their traditional high backs and winged arms, wingback chairs provided much needed warmth but very little eye catching creativity. Yet there have been a few designers (past and present) who have taken liberates with the body hugging silhouette and created pieces that will not only stand beautifully by any fireplace, but provide the perfect conversation starter. From investment pieces to functional art, a modern wingchair can add not only comfort but be the perfect place to curl up and read this year’s first issue.

Wegner Papa Bear Chair – Designed by Hans Wagner
World renowned for blending a variety of natural material in his classic designs, Hans J. Wegner has received many international accolades for his work. Like many other Wegner chairs, The Teddy Bear Chair seems to refer to the animal kingdom with its characteristically playful and organic design. The chair received its name after a critic had referred to its armrests as, ‘Great bear paws embracing you from behind.’

The Egg – Designed by Arne Jacobsen
The Egg sprang from a new technique, which Jacobsen was the first to employ: a strong foam inner shell underneath the upholstery. Like a sculptor, Jacobsen strove to find the shell’s perfect shape in clay at home in his garage. The cooperation between Arne Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen dates back to 1934. Fritz Hansen products, including The Egg, can be found at Furniture from Scandinavia by Annette Rachlin in Georgetown.

Metropolitan Chair and Ottoman – Designed by Jeffrey Bernett for B&B Italia
In 1996, Jeffrey Bernett exhibited his first collection at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York and was honored with the Editor’s Award for “Best of Show.” The Metropolitan is an inviting swivel armchair and ottoman. Its high back is the perfect mix of Italian sophistication and comfort, while the neck rest is held in place with magnets to make it adjustable for people of all heights.

Klasse Wing Back LoungeChair- Designed by Polly Westergaard
The Klasse wingback chair is based on the traditional iconic British wing back chair, which has been used and adapted through centuries. The sleek finish of this adaptation combined with the natural materials used ensures a contemporary, eye-catching piece. Polly Westergaard explores elements of past trends in her work, updating traditional designs for contemporary living, drawing on the influences of historical pieces and examining the ways in which these designs can be re-invented to function in today’s interiors.

Wingback Chair, Black Legs Designed by George Smith
A series of upholstered furniture inspired by the 18th Century British Gentleman’s Chair. The frames are made of wood from sustainable forests and stuffed with layers of natural cotton and boar bristle. The chair comes upholstered in one of 15 colors of mohair velvet. The British designer, Tom Dixon, a designer, a brand, and a personality, has been a fixture of many a design show. Dixon established his namesake design firm in 2002. Tom Dixon recently teamed with the traditional British upholstery company George Smith to create this one of a kind piece.

Big Chair- Designed by Jens Risom
Built on a walnut frame with unusual angles and three peg legs, Big Chair still provides the body hugging effects of any wingback chair. Risom was highly influenced by his father, an award-winning architect who encouraged Jens to pursue academic studies in business and contemporary design. Jens Risom is regarded as the last bastion of mid-century modernists.

Star Treck Chair – designed by Roberto Lazzeroni
Built of either American Cherry or Walnut, the Star Trek chair takes on the fimialiar form of a traditional wingback chair. The chair defies all logic of the material its constructed from. With basic elements of the classic, Lazzeroni takes liberties by using heat resistant materials and plywood to create the frame. The chair was designed for Ceccotti Collezioni. Lazzeroni has had a very dynamic career, in which he is engaged on several fronts today, with prestigious collaborations, art directing and designing of interiors and contracting throughout different parts of the world.


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