Glover Park Waitress Says She Was Sexually AssaultedJune 4, 2014


A woman was attacked early Saturday morning, May 24, in the 2400 block of Wisconsin Avenue, NW, according to the Metropolitan Police Department. She appears to have been uninjured. The crime took place across from Guy Mason Park.

ABC7 News reported: ?In the Glover Park neighborhood, residents aren?t used to hearing about this kind of crime. ? According to police, the incident took place at about 1 a.m. on Saturday morning. A 19-year-old waitress had just gotten off work, and she was walking in the 2400 block of Wisconsin Avenue when a man grabbed her in an alley and tried to force her to perform a sex act. Luckily, she was able to break free and run for help. ? Even at that time of morning, neighbors say there is usually foot traffic here, usually made up of patrons of the bars and restaurants.?

NBC News 4 added this to the story: ?Sources tell News4 the suspect was a customer at the establishment where the woman worked earlier in the evening. The customer was ?pushy? toward the woman while she was working, but she had ignored his advances at the time, sources say. The victim told police the suspect pulled her into an alley just before closing time and tried to get her to perform a sexual act, but she was able to run away and call 911.?

MPD detectives were seen Memorial Day, May 26, along Wisconsin Avenue checking for leads and surveillance records of the incident. MPD has not issued a suspect description and termed the incident ?first-degree sex abuse with force.?


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