Neyla Restaurant to Close Aug. 17

The lively and delicious restaurant, Neyla, at 3206 N Street, next to Billy Martin’s Tavern, has lost its lease and will suspend operations on Sunday night, Aug. 17. Those involved with Neyla say they hope to find a new location.

Neyla is part of Capital Restaurant Concepts., Ltd. which owns nearby Paolo’s and its original place, J. Paul’s, on M Street as well as Old Glory and other spots.

Neyla — which means “fulfilled wish” — said this about itself: “the Mediterranean spirit of prosperity, abundance and success, is present in this urban caravanserai.” With its Lebanese and Near Eastern menus, Neyla was a welcoming spot for a simple meal or a VIP celebratory dinner.

The restaurant issued a statement on its website last week:

“Dear Neyla Friends and Family,

Thank you for letting us serve you over the past 15 years. Our lease at this location has come to an end. Our last day of business will be August 17, 2014.
Many of you are not just guests but friends and neighbors, and we will miss you.

It has been our please to serve each and every one of you our authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

We are actively looking a new location for Neyla. Let’s stay connected via Facebook, Twitter and our website for the news about Neyla.”


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