Yoga Your Way Through Georgetown

Diego Del Sol in yoga pose

On a short walk through Georgetown, you will see countless men and women with a rolled up yoga mat under their arm. Yoga as a form of exercise has gained great popularity in recent years, with studios popping up in countless neighborhoods across the country. Georgetown has been hit particularly hard by the exercise trend, which is popular among area residents, students and professionals alike.

Yoga Del Sol, one of the most popular studios in the neighborhood, is an oasis of meditation. Centrally located on the second floor of a building on bustling Wisconsin Ave., the studio brings in variety of practitioners from beginners to experts, tourists to lifetime Georgetown residents.

Owner Diego Del Sol has been studying yoga and other healing arts for over 20 years and has been sharing his talents of the practices with students since 1997. His 1519 Wisconsin Ave. NW studio seamlessly captures Diego’s gentle and calming presence. Inspired by his mother and her home, del Sol brings fresh air in from the open windows to set the zen mood of the space against the studio’s rustic brick walls. During class, he emphasizes the connection between body and breath to work on dissolving the body’s tension and the mind’s anxiety. He constantly walks his way around the room to aid students’ in finding the right position.
Before opening his studio in Washington, Diego taught for 10 years at Yoga Tree, one of the top studios in yoga-centric San Francisco. There, he became a highly-respected teacher and was voted “Best Private Yoga Instructor” in the Bay area by San Francisco Magazine.
Diego incorporates the Five Tibetan Rites into his classes, which are traditional exercises that emphasize a continuous sequence of movement rather than static positions. This dynamic practice stretches the muscles in the body, increasing flexibility.
In addition to the five types of yoga classes, Yoga Del Sol offers workshops for students who wish to enhance core strength and master balancing postures, as well as explore proper nutrition for improved overall health. The studio is popular among Georgetown University students, who get discounted student rates from Diego.

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