Outpouring of Support for GWU Student Who Attempted Suicide

Sean Thompson is expressing gratitude at the George Washington University community’s outpouring of financial and emotional support in the wake of his sister’s suicide attempt.

Last Thursday, Sean’s sister, Emily, attempted suicide by jumping nine floors from Shenkman Residence Hall. Though Emily’s fall was not fatal, she was severely injured by the impact.

Emily broke her feet, femurs, kneecap, right arm and cracked her spine. She has undergone a fourth surgery at George Washington Hospital and her nerves are recovering quickly allowing increased mobility in her arm, according to Sean’s update on his GoFundMe.com account.

Recently, Sean launched the GoFundMe campaign to subsidize some of the costs of medical expenses his family will incur. He set what he believed to be a sufficient goal of $10,000 to pay for his sister’s care.

To his surprise, within the last five days, over 500 people have donated nearly $24,000 and his cause has been shared 2.2k times on social media.

“I want people to be helped by this and not scared or hurt or worried. I want whatever good that can come from it to come from it,” Sean Thompson told The Hatchet.

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