Rockin’ a Work-Out: Tips From a Pro

Rockin’ Refuel

It’s August. Six months ago, some of us were making New Years resolutions to work out more, but, as we all most likely know, working out can seem like a different world. Everyone has tips and tricks, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. This is why it is important to touch base with a professional.

Brendan Mundorf attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, plays attack for professional lacrosse team Denver Outlaws, and is a big enthusiast of Rockin’ Refuel protein shakes. Protein shakes­­ are a semi-foreign concept to some of us who don’t stay fit for our careers. Mundorf has been playing with the Outlaws since 2006 and has games throughout the summer but still found the time to talk to us.

RS: What does a daily workout include for you as a professional lacrosse player?

BM: My workouts start with a dynamic warm up followed by some ladder footwork drills. Then my trainer will have some sort of agility or speed work mixed in with some strength exercises like medicine ball slams…I do two of these workouts a week and try to get two lifting workouts in as well.

RS: What is muscle recovery in your own words and why is it important?

BM: During a workout you tear and break down muscle tissue. In order for your body to repair and build your muscle, you must put enough protein in your body to do so. I notice when I use Rockin’ Refuel to recover after workouts and games, I have increases in muscle and I am able to perform at a higher level the next time. If I don’t put a good source of protein in my body after a workout, I never see the benefits of my hard work.

RS: Any recommendations for beginners who might have casually worked out but are trying to get serious and get in shape?

BM: In order to see results, you must take your workouts to the next level. Challenge yourself and take care of your body. Drink a Refuel within 30 minutes of the end of a workout to maximize your results and keep your body healthy.

RS: And for the intermediate exercisers?

BM: If you have been working out for a while and want to advance yourself, I would recommend you mix up your training and try some new types of training. If you have never used a post workout protein shake, you need to. You will be pleased with the results.

RS: Do you have any summer-specific favorite meals or foods to include in a balanced diet?

BM: I eat a lot of chicken. I do a lot of grilling at home and I think it is a really healthy way to eat. Any time you can get some lean meat and a lot of fresh green vegetables, you’re doing good.

I, for one, am inspired to get my act together and start drinking more protein with my workout. Remember that it’s never too late to find your workout routine, and don’t expect to be on an advanced level if you’re just beginning. Challenging yourself is smart, but hurting yourself is not. A lot of gyms offer trial memberships to test the waters, but a gym isn’t always a necessity. If you have a space to stretch, run, and have a pair of weights, you can work out. Like Mundorf said, protein shakes will enhance your workout. You have to break down your muscle in a workout before it rebuilds and you grow stronger, and protein shakes have the amino acids necessary to rebuild muscle. Mundorf’s favorite—Rockin’ Refuel—takes low-fat milk, a natural re-hydrator with nutrients needed to replenish, and enhances it with more protein (20 grams) to make a natural and delicious drink for post-workout. Milk replenishes the body with the electrolytes and carbs lost during workouts and Rockin’ Refuel harnesses and enhances this ability to create a protein shake loved by professional and collegiate athletes alike. There are several flavors and different types depending on how intense your workout was. The easily labeled bottles can be found in the milk section of your local grocer.

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