A Hat for the Races

Kim Kardashian wearing a black and white derby hat.

With summer on its way, so is the equestrian season. Perhaps you want to buy a dramatic hat for the Derby or the Oaks, the Royal Ascot or the races in Middleburg.

Of course, every woman needs a casual hat for everyday shopping, travel, the garden, the beach, “bad-hair days” or to stay cool and out of the sun. Wear a hat and be treated like the lady you are.

Remember to buy a hat that’s comfortable and has a wide brim. Choose the color carefully since dark colors tend to get warmer. The most easily worn hat is the one with a light pastel color – mint green or apricot pink, for example. Combine the outfit with a light-colored skirt and a top in the same color as the hat. Or simply wear a summer dress that matches your hat.

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