Keeping It Close to the Chest with Boobypak


Very few people can say they started their own business on their lunch break, but Christina Conrad of Boobypack did just that.

She said the idea came to her over one weekend hanging out with some girlfriends in a tiny New York City apartment.

“For the rest of the night ‘Boobypack- the fannypack for your rack’ is all I could think about,” Conrad said. “The next day I went into my day job at Time Inc. and during my lunch break started googling how to file for an LLC.”

The innovative product was inspired by her friends mentioning that they lost or damaged their phones at an outdoor music festival in Miami. Conrad wanted to create an alternative for ladies who wanted to go out without a purse—particularly for outdoor events.

But Boobypack’s mission does not end with the bra bag.

After starring on the popular ABC show Shark Tank, Conrad says she started to think about the bigger picture. “Our biggest take away from Shark Tank was that there are a lot of other markets out there interested in our rack packs,” Conrad said.

The company is currently working on a less revealing Boobypack for impact athletic activities, as well as a comfier version for travel.

“We’ve even had moms tell us it’s perfect for cruise ships, so that they never lose their room keys!” she said.

An unexpected use for the product is that it can store insulin pumps for diabetics, who have written to the company and posted pictures showing their special take on the Boobypack.

The company wants to work on improving its designs for all sorts of women while continuing to sell and distribute the original Boobypack products online.

“We’re a company made up of women, making a product specifically for women,” she said. “So female empowerment comes naturally to us. It’s in our DNA.”

Boobypack is super involved in the social media sphere, using hashtags like #believeinyourSHELFIE and #Girlboss frequently on Instagram.

“Being a Boobypack Angel means you’re a confident, active woman with a sense of humor,” Conrad said. “A #girlboss who believes in her #shelfie if you will.”

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