Red Speaks

’Tis the season to decide to be naughty or nice. What looks are in for 2016 holiday makeup? Bold lips or light gloss? The holiday season is the best time to play, so here is your guide — whether naughty, nice or somewhere in between.

Red lips are, of course, a classic and instant way to party up your mood for the holidays. There are several ways you can enjoy this look.

1. Bold red lips speak for themselves. This season, leave the matching colored lip liner in your makeup bag. Applying red lip color without lip liner gives you a more modern and fresh feel. Using a lip color pencil is the ultimate easy way to create “unlined” lips — it doubles as the liner and the lip color, providing foolproof easy application (and easy to touch up when out and about).

2. Stained lips (applying lip color to your finger and then dabbing it onto your lips) is a subtle way to enjoy bold colors on your lips. Apply your choice of lip color on the inside of your natural lip lines and then clean up with cotton buds along the rim of your natural lip line. You can also use your finger to smudge and soften the color.

3. New to the red or still scared of the red color? Fear not! Tinted gloss is an effortless way to dazzle with your lips. It requires less touch-up and less precise application.

Whichever choice you make with your red lips, make it joyful and have fun under the mistletoe!

By Soo Park | Photography by Angie Myers

Models: Flavia Dias, Enna Sliwinski, and Elle Einwaechter of THE Artist Agency


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