Bonobos Guideshop Opens in Cady’s Alley

For the new Bonobos Guideshop in Georgetown, it’s all about the fit. On Jan. 29, the Bonobos Guideshop opened at 3321 Cady’s Alley, NW. The Guideshop concept is one that is specific to Bonobos e-commerce busi- ness model. Instead of buy- ing clothes from the brick and mortar store, customers try on different sizes to find the right fit and can then order garments online in the store or at home.

Before the shop in Georgetown opened, Bonobos had a tempo- rary location in Bethesda. Based on the success of the Bethesda location, the company “looking for a more permanent space” there as well, said Bonobos cofounder Andy Dunn. Erin Ersinkal, head of retail for Bonobos, said that the search process for a space in Georgetown only took one weekend. Guideshops are usually located in “high foot traffic areas” but are not necessar- ily “on the busiest corner,” since the customer experience is geared towards service and experi- ence as opposed to moving pants out the door. Bonobos Guideshops are also located in New York’s Flatiron district, Boston, Palo Alto, San Francisco and Chicago.

Speaking to an opening night crowd Jan. 28, Dunn said Bonobos’s e-commerce model is “the biggest revolution in retail since the auto- mobile.”


  • Nico Dodd

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