Stop! Thief! On a Bike?

A thief on a bicycle struck thrice in Georgetown on Tuesday, Oct. 29. The suspect, described as a young, thin, black male, aboard a dark bicycle, began his spree at 5:30 p.m. on the 1600 block of Wisconsin Avenue.

The first victim stood on the sidewalk with phone and wallet in hand. She didn’t have time to think before the thief rode by, snatching both items.

About an hour later, the thief made an attempt at a second snatching but met some strong, successful opposition. The 15 year-old target had his iPhone plucked from his hand. When he lunged for the tire, however, he successfully flipped the bike and grabbed his cell from the ground before the bicyclist took off.

Ten minutes later, the thief struck again. This time he targeted Danielle Lake, 26, as she stood waiting for her bus at M and Thomas Jefferson Streets. “A guy riding a bicycle just snatched the phone out of my hand,” said Lake. Her iPhone 4S was gone in a flash. She yelled for someone to stop the man, but no one did.

Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier warned citizens: “In cities around the country, the robbery and theft of small personal electronics is driving an increase in crime as thieves target unattended small electronics in cars, pockets, purses and on tabletops.”

Individuals are encouraged to pocket cell phones and wallets, keeping them out of reach of potential thievery – and to stay alert of their surroundings.


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