D.C. Parking Meter Rates Set to Skyrocket

D.C. parking meter rates are set to go up June 1, a lot. All will increase to $2.30 per hour. That’s a 30-percent increase in Premium Demand and Commercial Zones and it more than triples the cost of residential-area parking meters, currently $.75 per hour.

The District Department of Transportation stands to take an additional $2 million out of street-parkers’ pockets during the four months in fiscal year 2016 that the new rates will be in effect. The added funds are expected to help pay for the Metro system’s operations and deferred maintenance.

Noting the recent $5 increase in the cost of parking tickets in D.C., AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman John Townsend said, “It is the latest case of motorists getting nickel and dimed for parking. … Now in two weeks, they will pay even more to park as parking meter rates jump more than 200 percent at some meters, and 15 percent at most.”

But there is some belief that the higher cost to park will increase street-parking turnover and relieve traffic congestion. According to DDOT: “The goal of good parking management is to regulate the parking assets (spaces) in a manner that ensures that a percentage of spaces are available at any given time for short term parking. This is vital for maximizing the potential flow of customers to the District’s retail and dining establishments. Additionally, controlling congestion and improving traffic circulation are becoming increasingly important.”


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