Historically Improper Stucco Taken off Dumbarton Street House

Score a win for historic preservation, accuracy and good taste.

In January 2015, non-approved changes, including the stuccoing of exterior brick walls and removal of multi-paned windows, that were made to a historic 1898 colonial revival home — located at 3107 Dumbarton St. NW. — once owned by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, had many Georgetowners and historic preservationists upset. A review of plans had not taken place.

At the time, Tom Luebke, head of the Old Georgetown Board, called the failure by homeowner Alla Bakhtina to obtain permits “one of the most egregious violations of process” his organization has seen in a long time. Citizens Association of Georgetown President Pamla Moore echoed those concerns: “CAG is very keen on the District government moving to enforce the laws regarding this unpermitted work in our historic district.” Councilmen Jack Evans spoke up as well: “Historic preservation is important to all of us in Georgetown.”

This month, after undergoing the proper reviews, the Dumbarton Street house is being properly restored through the “Removal of DEFS” — that’s “direct-applied exterior finish systems” — as listed by the OGB.

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