Protest Against Venezuelan Government Hits Georgetown

Demonstrators gathered in front of the Embassy of Venezuela on 30th Street in Georgetown Thursday afternoon, Sept. 1, to protest the policies of the Venezuelan government and President Nicholas Maduro.

The protest was prompted by the failure of a recall referendum process that was supposed to be passed several weeks ago but has failed to do so — stymied by the executive and judicial branches of the government. The referendum seeks to remove President Maduro from office. The Venezuelan legislature is controlled by the opposition party.

On 30th street, protestor Carlos Delgado said, “They [the Venezuelan government] failed to approve the referendum because they know they will lose and be out of their job.” Delgado also said that civil protests will be starting to happen across the United States over the next three days, starting today in Washington D.C. He added that protests will continue as a response by Venezuelans and Venezuelan-Americans due to the government policies of Venezuela.


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