More Holiday Decorations from Georgetown BID

With autumn here, plans for Christmas and holiday decorations in Georgetown must be almost complete, right? Actually, yes.

“The Georgetown Business Improvement District is spending a large sum of money this year on expanded decorations,” said BID CEO Joe Sternlieb. The latest plans are for a continuous stream of lights along the major and side commercial streets of Georgetown. “We have offered every business in the Georgetown district to install [and later take down] strings of small LED roof lights,” Sternlieb said. “Over 100 businesses have signed up so far.

“Plans developed last spring include two community Christmas trees at the little M Street park at 28th Street and at Francis Scott Key Park. In addition, new wreaths will be hung on all the light poles along M Street and on Wisconsin Avenue from the waterfront park up to the 1600 block.”

The BID’s expanded decoration plans come in response to some reported unhappiness about last year’s minimal decorations in Georgetown. Ward 2 Council member Jack Evans has been actively involved. But some of the plans will still be modest. Sternlieb said that volunteer contributions, donations and other help are always welcome.

The Georgetowner will continue to cover progress on the Christmas decoration plans — as well as give a full report on K Street’s tangled mess of utility and business construction on the waterfront — in the next issue.

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