Trump Is A Clear And Present Danger


What started out as a curious, amusing distraction has become a dangerous situation. When Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, he had to pay people to show up to watch him declare for the highest office in the land. Now there is talk that this neither smart nor substantive nor serious person could actually get elected.

What happened? How could someone who has all the qualities of a buffoon get so far and climb so high? It is terribly sad, but Trump appealed to the lowest common denominator — to the worst in all of us. He stroked and manipulated. No tactic was beneath him.

The attribute that he prized the most, that he was a fabulously successful businessman, we can now see was a fraud. I ask you: What kind of person deliberately mocks a disabled person and seeks laughs and points for it?

The Trump candidacy is a national embarrassment. The people who support him don’t seem to understand that we would no longer be the envy of the world. Rather, we would be seen as a country gone nuts.
The Republican Party hierarchy stands by and does nothing. House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell — supposed leaders — give tacit approval by their quiet acceptance.

There is still time for the undecided American voter to wake up and see that, with all her flaws, Hillary Clinton is far superior to the scary alternative. She is smart, well informed, experienced and capable of being president. She has the temperament and the discipline to lead.

The other candidate does not possess any of the essential personal qualities of a leader. There is no other way to say it: Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to every one of us. The decision to vote for Hillary Clinton is the only wise choice.
Make that choice proudly.

*Editor’s note: Look for one last column about this election — we promise — by Mark Plotkin in the Oct. 26 Georgetowner.*

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