Hyde-Addison Swing: It’s Not Over Till It’s Over


“Maybe the kids and parents at Hyde-Addison Elementary School should just decide en masse not to move out of their school at the end of the year,” suggested Tom Sherwood of NBC4 News on the Kojo Nnambi Show Oct. 21.
“The parents need to speak out and turn out in droves,” said Ward 2 Council member Jack Evans. “The situation is outrageous.”
The two were referring to the announcement last week by D.C. Deputy Mayor for Schools Jennifer Niles that some 200 children — ages 3 to 12 — would be bussed from Georgetown’s only elementary school, Hyde-Addison on O and P Streets near Wisconsin Avenue, to the Meyer Elementary School in Shaw. With traffic, travel time could be an hour both ways. Yet plenty of space a few blocks away at Hardy Middle School will be available by summer, when the Hyde-Addison construction work is scheduled to begin.
“I and Mayor Muriel Bowser were all for the move to Hardy until Jenny somehow persuaded her differently,” said Evans, expressing his puzzlement. “It works there. It’s available.”
Signs reading “Don’t Wing the Swing” have been posted around the area by parents. A meeting is being tentatively scheduled for early December, according to Evans. “It’s not over till it’s over,” agreed Sherwood and Evans on air.

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