K Water Street Transportation Plans Take Shape

K Street and Water Street neighbors met again this week with Georgetown Business Improvement District, District Department of Transportation and Advisory Neighborhood Commission officials to get an update on the slowly evolving streetscape and transportation plan for their immediate area.
Making progress are plans for an on-road cycle trail that would separate bike traffic from visitors strolling the wide paths of the waterside park, according to BID Transportation Director Mike Handsfield. Also in the more-than-concept stage are improvements to missing and new sidewalks, as well as the elimination of free parking areas at the end of the waterfront road, which have been causing dangerous traffic snarls. In addition, a new tourist-bus dropoff and parking plan — probably involving passenger pickup and delivery on Wisconsin Avenue and bus parking in a less congested area away from the waterfront — is in the works.
The process is slowly taking shape, said Handsfield, who wants to keep the neighbors in the loop. “We hope some of the concepts may be implemented by next summer.”


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