Community Groups Approve GU’s 20-Year Campus Plan


ampus Plan has been filed with the District of Columbia Zoning Commission with the full support of the Georgetown Community Partnership, showing — according to a statement by Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E — “how far we have all traveled on a collegial and productive path together in the past several years.”

ANC 2E’s Sept. 1 statement goes on to say: “We are happy to report that in preparing the new proposed GU Campus Plan, all of the stakeholders — the University, including the administration, faculty/staff, and students; the MedStar GU Hospital; and the surrounding community — have engaged intensively in a true partnership in search of long-term solutions that can benefit everyone.”

The plan addresses enrollment, space-planning, safety, conduct, environmental, transportation and communication issues. The Campus Plan established the Georgetown Community Partnership procedurally in order to implement the details of the plan. That partnership includes representatives from ANC 2E, ANC 3D, the Citizens Association of Georgetown, the Burleith Citizens Association, the Foxhall Village Citizens Association, Georgetown University and the Georgetown University Student Association.

Work on the 20-year plan, which began in 2012, builds upon “key good-neighbor” provisions of the current plan and “has the strong potential to benefit the District of Columbia and all parties for years to come,” writes Ron Lewis, chair of ANC 2E and co-chair of the Georgetown Community Partnership.

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