Gemstones, Rock Your Chi

Do you choose your jewelry for fashion, for beauty or for life harmony? Most people agree with the first two, but have never considered the third.

Gemstones sparkle and flash. We love their subtle or intense colors. They are beautiful, but did you know they can help you heal? Jade, pearl, tiger’s eye, turquoise, amber, quartz, diamond … worn or carried, each stone may have a unique ability to harmonize and balance your body and mind, and even bring luck your way.

What is #crystalhealing?

Modern crystal healing is founded on concepts from ancient Asian cultures, the Chinese concept of life-energy (chi or qi) and the Hindu or Buddhist concept of chakras (vortices of life-energy), connecting physical and supernatural elements of the body.

The colors of the gemstones relate to the colors of the chakras. For example, green jade helps the heart chakra, which is also green. Green jade increases love and nurturing, attracts good luck and friendship, stabilizes the personality and promotes self-sufficiency. It encourages you to become who you really are, to be authentic and live from your true center. Just use #crystalhealing on Instagram to discover a plethora of colorful gemstone beauties.

So, when shopping for a beautiful piece of jewelry, why not also tap into the healing power of the gemstone?

That is the thought behind the Girls Collective, a boutique online jewelry company founded by two sisters while in college. D.C.’s own Audrey and Allison Fritz both lived in China and speak Mandarin. Their lovely gemstones are simple, elegant and healing.

Is that Lady Luck on your wrist?

To be clear, there are no scientific studies proving the efficacy of crystal healing. However, studies do show that crystal healing may induce a placebo effect. While healing crystals are not medicine, if you believe in them they might improve your health and your luck.

Go ahead, wear your lucky bracelet to a job interview or on a first date. Even if science can’t prove it, if you land the job or crush it on the date, isn’t that proof enough?

Rebekah Kelley is the founder of Virtue Skinfood, a wholistic luxury skin care line. To find out more, visit or One80 Salon at 1275 K St. NW.



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