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Now that we’re in the peak of summer, please be mindful of the heat in the coming days as temperatures are expected to stay in the mid to upper 90s. Check in on your neighbors and friends and, if someone is in need, call 311 for information regarding cooling centers. Cooling centers are activated when temperatures reach 95 degrees.

Even though the Council is in recess, there are still updates and news to share with the community.

The region is still reacting to the Trump administration’s decision to end its search for a new site for the FBI headquarters. Last week, I wrote a letter to the president to outline the reasons why the FBI headquarters should be moved off of Pennsylvania Avenue, but still remain in the District. I support the administration’s decision to cancel the project and start over by looking for a site within the city. This project has been in the planning stages for 10 years and has only gotten more expensive.

My recommendation is to relocate the FBI headquarters to Poplar Point in Southeast D.C. The federal government owns enough land at Poplar Point to accommodate the entire FBI program and development of a new, modern FBI facility can begin immediately.

As for Pennsylvania Avenue, I’m excited to continue the progress the city has made on this historic street by encouraging more businesses to open their doors. This is a win-win situation for the District and Ward 2. I’m hopeful that the administration will consider this proposal. Not only will the city retain jobs, the new location will bring added economic growth to the Poplar Point area.

Additionally, I’m pleased to announce the grant program for commercial waste compactors is now available for licensed for-profit businesses in the District. For three years, I have been working hard to make this option available for our business community. The Commercial Waste Compactor Program’s purpose is to cut down on rodent and insect issues and promote clean streets and alley ways. For more information, visit dslbd.dc.gov/compactor.

Finally, I was pleased to meet with Skye Bork, who won the national Distinguished Young Women of America competition this year, the first D.C. resident to do so. This accomplished young woman is a Georgetown resident who graduated from National Cathedral School and is heading to Columbia University in the fall, now with additional scholarship funds.

Everyone should join me in congratulating Skye on her achievement. If you know a woman who is going into her senior year of high school and may be interested in this merit-based scholarship program, visit distinguishedyw.org for application information.



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