Solar Co-op First Phase Ends

“The first phase is done,” said Gregory Miller, former director of the solar energy co-op that met several times in Georgetown’s library to interest home owners in installing solar energy in their homes and businesses via a local volunteer collective arrangement.

That co-op buy-in phase started in 2008. By June 2017, more than 40 property owners in the area had signed on (signs indicating membership can be seen on some residences). Through a system of credit certificates and cooperative arrangements, group solar members can expect to eventually save up to 20 percent of their energy costs. In June, the Georgetown-Burleith Solar Co-0p chose the Green Brilliance company to install their panels, according to news reports.

Still, the New York Times reported that some areas are finding pushback from utility lobbyists.

“That hasn’t happened here so much,” Miller told The Georgetowner at the Georgetown Business Association meeting on July 19. He is the owner of a small business himself: Georgetown Energy Solutions.



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