ANC 2E to Hold Special Meeting Wednesday

The Georgetown-Burleith-Hillandale Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 2E) will hold a special meeting, Wednesday, Aug. 9, at 5 p.m. at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, 35th Street and Volta Place NW, Heritage Room, main building, second floor. The following is Wednesday’s meeting agenda, as provided by ANC 2E, which does not normally meet on a Wednesday or in August. Note the earlier start time.

Approval of the Agenda

• Approval of August 9th, 2017, ANC 2E Public Meeting Agenda

• Approval of the June 29th, 2017, Meeting Minutes


• Public Safety and Police Report

• Resolution Requesting Immediate Resources to Ensure Adequate Lighting and Camera Coverage in the Area by 3500 Water Street NW

• Approval of the ANC’s FY 2017 Quarter 3 Financial Report

Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

• Application by The Wine Outlet for a New Retailer’s Class “B” License at 3210 Grace Street NW (ABRA-105815)

• Application by Church for a New Retailer’s Class “C” Restaurant License at 3222 M Street NW (ABRA-106963)

• Resolution to Change the ANC’s Representative for the ANC’s Protest of Café Georgetown’s Application for a New Retailer’s Class “D” Restaurant License at 3141 N Street NW (ABRA-106108)

Public Space Committee

• Public Space Application by the Georgetown BID to Install Tables, Chairs, and Planters at 1046 Potomac Street NW (In the Street Next to Blue Bottle Café and Behind Dean & DeLuca) (DDOT #208465)

Community Comment

• Update from the Mayor’s Office
• Update from Council member Jack Evans’s office

Government of the District of Columbia: Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E

3265 S St. NW, Washington, DC 20007

202-724-7098 •


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