We Strongly Support a Georgetown Main Street Program

Georgetown is rich in history that dates back hundreds of years. From its earliest roots as a trading post and then a thriving port, Georgetown is internationally famous, not only for the university, but for its commercial district. 

For many decades, Georgetown flourished as one of Washington’s most successful neighborhoods. It is where everyone still wants to live, shop, dine and study.

Let’s get our historical commercial corridor where it should be, a place where we want to stay for all the reasons we have in today’s world. Thriving, with a stream of customers coming through the doors, allowing for more successful businesses in our town. Not empty storefronts with unaffordable rents.

Let’s support independent, locally-owned small businesses that cater to our needs and provide the quality of life to match the lifestyle of our residents. We strongly support a Georgetown Main Street to help us begin to fix the commercial corridor, block by block.


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