Overheard at Lunch: D.C. Gossip Girl

Swift Lesson for Trump
Here’s hoping President Donald Trump was doing some reading and not just posting on Twitter the past few weeks. On Aug. 14, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift won her groping case and was awarded a symbolic $1. A jury ruled that Denver radio host David Mueller assaulted the singer by grabbing her buttocks during a pre-concert meet-and-greet — proof that you can’t just “do anything” to women and get away with it, as our president has claimed in the past.

All the Women, All the Time
By now you’ve probably heard of Justin “Six-Dates” Schweiger, the guy who went viral after scheduling six dates in one night. Well, he’s back in the news. Washingtonian magazine reported that earlier this summer Schweiger was asked to leave Crisp Kitchen + Bar in Bloomingdale after hitting on multiple women (he had arrived with an entirely separate woman). If this is what dating is like now, count me out!

WTF? We Cuss Less on Twitter
Two data scientists collected more than a million tweets and ran some numbers. Among their discoveries, according to DCist: Washington residents tweet the “F-word” at a rate about half the national average. Only Montana and Arkansas had a lower rate of foul tweeting. Those in Nevada, California and Wyoming came in at five points above the national average. Our low cuss rate comes as quite a surprise given the city’s rush-hour traffic, dysfunctional Metro and position at the epicenter of national politics.

Zuker: Twitter Response Time Shows Trump’s Priorities
Danny Zuker, executive producer of the ABC show “Modern Family,” tweeted his disgust for President Trump in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia. According to Zuker, when he once challenged Trump’s ratings in a tweet, the president fought back within 15 minutes. But when tragedy struck in Charlottesville earlier this month, Zuker said, it took Trump three days to respond.

Chicken Don Preens on the Ellipse

Chicken Don.

A 30-foot-tall inflatable chicken with a very familiar hairstyle appeared on the Ellipse, within easy viewing of the White House, the morning of Aug. 10. The New York Times reported that documentary filmmaker Taran Singh Brar wanted to make a statement about the president being a “weak and ineffective leader,” citing how he’s afraid to release his tax returns, stand up to Putin and other issues. It took four months for Brar to get the permits necessary to bring his avian creation, deflated later that day, to Washington.


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