Construction Issues and Answers


To walk, ride or drive through Georgetown these days is to confront seemingly endless rounds of construction, infrastructure rehabilitation and street work, a landscape of dumpsters, cones and service trucks. Unexpectedly — or should we say expectedly? — traffic is obstructed on M Street as a Washington Gas or DC Water team sets up for emergency work. This happens twice a week — and that goes for lengths of 28th or 29th Street outside the commercial district, too. Is it kismet or confusion?

We could warn you not to drive south of M Street toward the cacophonous vibe of K Street traffic beside the Potomac — along with the impending closure of the 31st Street Bridge at the C&O Canal — but you will have forgotten this admonishment before you confront the reality. (Nevertheless, it is proper to note that the long-term closure to westbound traffic on the Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge over Rock Creek and Rock Creek Parkway has come to an end.)

While we fret — and the contractor crews beep, clank and pile-drive — let’s at least help move traffic along by easing one-way traffic on 30th and Thomas Jefferson Streets. Simply paint left-turn and right-turn indicators on the pavement to declutter the lanes a bit and move a few cars forward. How hard is that, DDOT?

There are more examples of such simple solutions around town. Email us your suggestions at, subject line: “Traffic Tips.”

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