Heads Up: Parking at ANC, Bring Back Johnson’s, GU Hospital Work

Hot Ticket, ANC Monday: Parking Changes Considered

ANC 2E, the Georgetown-Burleith-Hillandale Advisory Neighborhood Commission, will hold its March monthly meeting tonight, Monday, Feb. 26, at 6:30 p.m. at Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, 35th Street and Volta Place NW, in the Heritage Room on the second floor of the main building. Check the agenda, as provided by ANC 2E. Discussion on residential parking is one of the main items.

More Tonight: Bring Back Johnson’s Group at AU Town Hall

Also Monday, Feb. 26, at 7 p.m., the Committee to Bring Back Johnson’s will call on American University President Sylvia Burwell to bring back Johnson’s Florist and Garden Center at the town hall meeting and reception she is hosting for neighbors. Community appeals to save Johnson’s began while it was still in business at its longtime Van Ness Street location near Wisconsin Avenue. The appeals have included a January demonstration, an online petition signed by 2,800 people and meetings with AU staff (but not with Burwell, despite numerous requests).

The town hall will take place at Constitution Hall on the East Campus, south of Nebraska Avenue near Ward Circle. The Committee to Bring Back Johnson’s will have a 6:45 p.m. meetup outside Constitution Hall, then move into Rooms 1-3 at 7 p.m.

A resolution unanimously passed by the Tenleytown Neighbors Association included calls for AU to release Johnson’s from its confidentiality clause, so Johnson’s can defend itself from AU’s “one-sided depiction of their relationship”; for AU to assist Johnson’s in resettling in the community, either at its original location or nearby; and for AU President Sylvia Burwell to instruct the AU staff to find a suitable home for Johnson’s in Tenleytown and to finance Johnson’s resettling costs.

More information is available from Mary Alice Levine at maryalicelevine@gmail.com.

Site Prep to Start for MedStar GU Surgical Pavilion Project

The following notice comes from MedStar Georgetown University Hospital:

The next six to eight weeks, there will be changes to the construction site of the Medical/Surgical Pavilion. These changes will accommodate our site preparation progress as we prepare for full construction to begin in the coming months.

February 28:  Major Equipment Delivery

·        On Wednesday, February 28 we expect to receive multiple deliveries of major equipment.

·        As with all major equipment/material deliveries, these deliveries will be done during the week, during non-rush hours, as required and permitted by the District of Columbia.

·         The delivery trucks will follow an arrival and departure route as defined by the community-approved Construction Management Plan, and as reviewed and approved by the District Department of Transportation.

·         The truck drivers and on-site construction managers will coordinate each delivery to minimize any potential disruption to traffic along the route.

·         Flaggers will be in place on Reservoir Road to control traffic in both directions, if necessary, so the delivery trucks can safely navigate the turn into Entrance 1.

·         Safety is our first priority, as is minimizing disruption, as all deliveries are made.

March 3:  Full Closure of Parking Lot A

·        Surface Parking Lot A will be fully closed on Saturday, March 3. The existing construction fence will be expanded to include the entire lot area to safely contain all site preparation work.

·        With the full closure of Lot A, pedestrians will be directed to use the marked crosswalk on the north end (Reservoir Road side) of the construction site to walk between the Hospital and Epicurean/Darnall Hall.

March 5 – 31:  Fence Construction Along Reservoir Road
·        Beginning Monday, March 5, the process will begin to construct a decorative wooden fence between surface Parking Lot B and the sidewalk along Reservoir Road.
·        This fence is being built in accordance with our agreement with the Georgetown Community Partnership to provide an aesthetically-pleasing fence that separates the construction site from the community sidewalk and surrounding area.

March 12:  New Traffic Pattern at Entrance 1

·        During the week beginning March 12, a new traffic pattern is planned to begin at Entrance 1. The incoming roadway from Entrance 1 will have been widened to allow for two-way traffic, with one lane of incoming traffic from Entrance 1 to the Leavey Garage and one lane of outgoing traffic from the Leavey Garage to Entrance 1.

·        The east portion of surface Parking Lot B will be closed for utility work. The remaining spaces in Lot B will be used only for valet-parked vehicles. No self-parking is allowed in Lot B.

March 12 – 31:  Directional Signage for Pedestrians and Vehicular Traffic
·        Signs will be posted to direct pedestrians to use the marked crosswalk on the north end of the construction site to walk between the Hospital and Epicurean/Darnall Hall. Safety personnel will be in place to help pedestrians safely cross through this area.

·        Signs will be posted to properly direct vehicles entering and exiting via Entrance 1.

Parking and Valet Services for Patients & Visitors

·        Patients and visitors of the Hospital may still utilize the valet parking service outside the PHC and Gorman buildings, as well as the valet services outside the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center (all via Entrance 1).

·        Patients and visitors who wish to self-park are encouraged to park in Garage 1 (the parking garage accessible via Entrance 2).


As with all similar construction projects, the schedule of equipment deliveries and some site preparation work is contingent upon the receipt of required permits and may be affected by inclement weather. If any scheduled work or deliveries are changed due to such circumstances, we will immediately send an updated announcement.

Those with questions can email Construction Executive Matt Maio of Trammel Crow Company at medstarhospitaltrammelcrow@gmail.com.



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