Potholes and Cherry Blossoms

Warm weather is starting to come back to the District and the surrounding region, which is great news for everyone. Even better news in many ways is that “Potholepalooza” is set to start. This is when the District Department of Transportation takes its mobile pothole-filling machine all over the city.

Every morning, I leave my home and feel as though I hit potholes at and after every turn. This isn’t just a problem plaguing Georgetown. This is a problem in every neighborhood and on every block across the city. Now that winter is ending, it’s time to take on this scourge upon our cars.

DDOT will launch this year’s Potholepalooza soon and they need your help. There are some simple steps you can take when you see a pothole. You can call 311. Give the operator the specific location and you will be issued a service tracking number.

Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever to alert DDOT to potholes that need filling on your block. Twitter is your best option. First, take a picture of the pothole. Next, open up a new tweet, add an address or an intersection, attach the photo, tag @311DCgov and @DDOTDC and hit the “Tweet” button. Your tweet will be acknowledged by 311 and DDOT, which will respond with a service request number. DDOT will fill reported potholes within 72 hours.

DDOT works around the clock to address many infrastructure issues in the District with both long- and short-term solutions. There will always be potholes, but with your help the agency can act fast in filling them.

Another sign that winter is ending is that the Department of Public Works has begun residential street sweeping. This program, which began March 1, will affect neighborhoods across the city. Pay attention to street parking ordinances for specific dates when street sweepers come by. If your car isn’t moved in time, you will receive a $45 ticket. There is a one-week grace period as we all get used to moving our cars again.

I attended the kickoff for the National Cherry Blossom Festival last week. Is there anything more quintessentially D.C.? People come from all over the country to see our blossoming cherry trees along the Tidal Basin and the Potomac River. An early bloom is expected this year — possibly by March 18.

And if we have cherry blossoms, can baseball be far behind? As always, I’m excited for opening day. Hope to see you there, or walking around the cherry trees.

Jack Evans is the District Council member for Ward 2, representing Georgetown and other neighborhoods since 1991.


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