Montrose Park: Georgetown’s Cinderella?

Georgetown is fortunate to have a variety of well-used parks with active support groups, often called “Friends of Fill-in-the-blank Park.” The neighborhood’s green spaces — increasingly popular with residents of all ages and their dogs — include Rose Park on the east side and Volta Park on the west, the Waterfront Park on the south, Glover Archbold Park to the northwest and Montrose Park to the north.

Each park is known for its special features: Volta for its pool and children’s activity center; Rose for its new two-part playground, biking area and farmer’s market; Glover Archbald for its baseball games and woodland trails; and Montrose for its expansive garden terraces next to the historic Dumbarton Oaks estate and gardens.

But Montrose also seems to be the Cinderella among them.

“The maintenance of Montrose park is marginal,” Marilyn Worseldine emailed The Georgetowner recently. “Gates don’t work. The brick work is falling apart at the entrance. The 2 tennis courts are cracked and rarely used. The chain link fence has deteriorated over time. Falling trees have smashed a few. And the sandbox where my children used to play every day now I’ve noticed the box has become earth.” Worseldine didn’t think that sand had been delivered there for years.

“Montrose neighbors for years have longed for a new tennis court next to the charming but failing gazebo. But when it was clear it might be over $250,000 to replace …”

Well, there’s news to report. The Cinderella Park is indeed getting some new clothes, according to Monica Roache, the advisory neighborhood commissioner representing the Montrose Park area.

“The realignment and complete refurbishment of the Montrose Park tennis courts are currently going through the review process with Old Georgetown Review Board — where all construction projects in historic Georgetown must begin. I reached out today for an update,” Roche emailed The Georgetowner on April 13. “Hopefully, they will start work in the upcoming months.”

There is also a Montrose Park Clean Up Day planned for Saturday, April 21, between 12:30 and 3 p.m. All are welcome to participate in the event, organized by the Friends of Montrose Park, which asks volunteers to bring their own shovels, gloves and clippers. Details can be found at









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