Hyde-Addison Construction Behind Schedule

Almost a year has gone by since Georgetown’s only public elementary school, Hyde-Addison, located at 3246 P St. NW, was vacated to allow demolition for a two-year renovation and expansion project to begin. The original plans proposed that the new campus would include space for “a gym, art room, music room, group instruction spaces, an adequately sized library and an ADA accessible main entrance.” All was to be completed by the summer of 2019.

Now, in mid-May 2018, the site is clear of all landscaping, children’s play equipment and the like. Digging out of the new underground portion of the campus is underway. A large excavation is getting deeper and deeper and crews have been working on several recent weekends at the site. But construction seems to be behind schedule.

The schedule posted on the website assigns the following work to the winter of 2018: “continue site clearing and demolition, grading, excavation and shoring/underpinning and concrete work including footings and foundation and a steel erection.” In the spring of 2018, the plan specifies: “completion of steel erection and façade work begun.”

Two million dollars has been added to the project budget of $33.6 million, according to a notation by DC Public Schools in the April 29 biweekly report issued regularly by Amanda Ou of DCPS. Some new additions to the plan have been indicated.

The last school community meeting for the project was held Feb. 22, with no meetings currently scheduled for May.


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