Classic French Makeup Looks

Please note: The Skin Care and Makeup Workshop scheduled for Wednesday, July 18, at Own Your Wonder has been postponed. A new date in September will be announced in The Georgetowner.
The French are known for their relaxed, pulled-together style. These three classic looks ensure that you will never be out of style, because they have stood the test of time.
The Nude Face
This au natural look instantly delivers simple sophistication and self-assurance.  Emphasizing bone structure, it evens out skin tone, putting forward a f lawless complexion.
The Smokey Eye
This classic party eye makeup look will turn the classic girl next door into a smoldering
temptress. This look emphasizes the eyes, even if they are not large or bright, and keeps the other facial features soft.
The Red Lip
For an instant pulled-togetherness, keep the eye soft and the lip bold. Completely reliable, this tried and true, sexy and timeless favorite instantly provides a go-to look of classic elegance.
Modern Summer Look
This look uses bold modern colors, bright blue eye liner on the lower lash line, muted bronze eye and soft coral matte mouth instantly updates and freshens, the top of the cheek bones are touched with a complimentary coral color.
Anti-Aging Sleight of Hand Skillfully applied, makeup helps create a youthful appearance. It’s not just wrinkles that make the eye perceive a person as aging, it is the contrast between facial features and skin. The Epidermal and Sensory Research and Investigation
Center, a department of Chanel Research and Technology dedicated to skin-related
issues and facial appearance, has done extensive research using hundreds of faces
ranging in age from 20 to 70. The research found that the color of the lips, eyes and
eyebrows changes, while at the same time the skin becomes darker. The resulting
lack of contrast indicates aging to the eye. This means that maintaining the contrast
between features and skin can help keep aging at bay.
Full-Service Makeup Bar
If, like me, you aren’t a magician with a makeup applicator, that’s not a problem; resources in Georgetown are ready to assist.  The above makeup looks are provided by Own Your Wonder, 1659 Wisconsin Ave. NW, a newly opened Georgetown business providing a full-service makeup bar, affordable and accessible to the community.
Try it out and book online at ownyourwonder. com. Explore the services on an a la carte
basis or sign up for a monthly membership covering unlimited services.
All photos by Rebekah Kelley. Makeup looks provided by Own Your Wonder.
Rebekah Kelley is the creator and founder of Virtue Skinfood, a holistic luxury skin care line. Visit her on the web at

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