Christian Broder Dies of Gun Wound

Christian Broder, 34, a former general manager of Millie’s Restaurant in Spring Valley and, before that, the George Town Club, died on July 20, two weeks after he was shot in Atlanta. Broder was leaving a country club wedding when he and three others were confronted by the gunman. After surrendering their valuables, Broder reportedly approached the gunman. He was then shot in the stomach, rushed to a local hospital and airlifted to D.C. for further treatment, including several surgeries supported by a GoFundMe campaign. Fox 5 reported that police arrested and charged Jayden Myrick, 17. Broder was “a mellow, thoughtful, amazing guy,” said restaurateur Bo Blair, Broder’s brother-in-law. He is survived by his wife Molly, a pre-kindergarten teacher, and nine-month-old daughter Frances.


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